Friday, 16 November 2012

Focus and Finding Object



Learn to use focus point from you DSLR can adventurous and fun. Its requires a patient, quick thinking and an object to be highlighted in your photo. It will be more adventurous when you choose an object at night while you were outing with your family. 

The above picture was taken when my family and I was visiting Johor Bahru, specifically Danga Bay. Its really tough to snap a reflections image from an object like above. For once, you may thought I am only try to make the behind image blurred. Actually, you can see me in the image.


Again while having a hot tea nearby Danga Bay, I thought it would be interesting taking a reflection image from my cup of tea. I guess its not sharp enough due to my lack of patient to snap the picture. But, as an amateur, I guess as long as people of Johore knew that their flag was in my cup, it is quite enough.


The next morning while waiting for our breakfast which was provided by our hotel, my wife and I take a walk around the hotel. From a glass office of Iskandar Office, I again try to snap a picture of a cloud. Try to reduce the light from the sun, but I am still in the learning process…


Enough said about reflection image. If you in Johore Bahru (JB) don’t forget to come to BAZAR JB. What’s interesting? So many things… shoes, handbags, accessories, etc. You can even try stall food along the way.


For the above picture, actually, I am trying to play dynamic picture using the building. Usually wide lenses can provide more wide and quality image. A lense that I still have no budget to purchase… hehehe…


As for the above picture, I just want it to look real as its still floating. Hmm, unfortunately, I have failed. This picture was taken in Malacca. Don’t be fooled as this ship is on the land… not on the water…. Smile


Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
The Crew!!! Thanks guys!

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