Friday, 19 June 2015

Landscape picture

It was 7.00am in the morning that day when I do my jogging. I was relief with the news that my health is in a very good condition after my health screening.

As I jogg, I feel like want to snap a picture of this scenic. It is was a gorgeous morning and the wind blows breezy. The flag of my country waving nicely. How lovely it was.

This scenic was taken because i feel like a path of life. Life can never be easy. There will be obstacle along the way. Same goes to the above picture.

I was not expecting this picture will be very nice when I snap it. The shadow of the tree and the sunshine was very nice. Its a mix blender that I feel cool and calm.

Allah created all this scenic. Allah is great!

Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
The Crew!!! Thanks guys!

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