Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mr Aro

Enough said about Seoul Korea. Today is about Mr Aro. Marine wolrd is fantastic for those who love fishes, example me. A month ago, I have decided to have my own Aquarium with Mr Aro on it. Oh! Excuse my french, this picture here is Mr Aro an Arowana species which also in the Yellow Tail group. 

It begin when I was at a fish shop at nearby my house. Actually just for happy looking things, whatever it is in your term. Well, funny when I look at on Arowana fish, I fall in love with it. You see, actually the one that I saw in the fish shop wash 8 to 10 inch long and has grown big and surely nice to be in a big aquarium in my house.


Well, I guess I will come back again for the fish later on… looking at the price tag, the fish is really expensive compared to the one we buy at the market place. RM380? Wow! I walk around and walk off the fish shop. 2 days later, I came back and the aquarium where the Arowana I saw last time, was not there. I’ve asked and they said “SOLD”.


Then I thought why not?? Why not have one in a big aquarium in my house? So, I asked the fish shop owner, will there be any new Yellow Tail Arowana coming? He said “YES”. Aha! So, I asked again, what price can you offer? He told me RM260 about 7 inch size. I am happy about it. I don’t even know the market price but happy about the price. So, I said I pay you RM160 first, will come back and hope they give me the right one.

Well few days later they rang me out, and immediately from KL I went back just to see my Arowana. Its really big not like the above picture and beautiful. Now, my problem was, I still have no rack for my aquarium and already booked it from my brother in law who actually do this ironing grill work. What I did, I just asking the fish shop owner just to gift a 8 days hotels service for my Arowana because its HARI RAYA!

Cut it short, After 8 days, I went to the fish shop to get my gorgeous Arowana. Sadly, my fish has lost its fin, injured all over its body and looked sick. Well, I said give me the new one. After a long negotiation, he willing to replace for a new baby Arowana. about 2 inch in size and the price is at RM160.00. I believe I can get good big fish for food with that kind of price huh? Well, I don’t really care and get the Arowana 4 days later. Well, that’s my baby Arowana, the picture on top. And Mr Aro is his name. I loike!


You know what its not that difficult to take care of Mr Aro. He is young and growing and soon will look charming and strong. No wonder Chinese love to have this fish as pet. It slow motion move and the way he eat those maggot and small fishes I bought, wow! Amazed me. Above picture is after I got back from Seoul.

Oh, I let my neighbor’s son to take care of Mr Aro. Bought all the food for 7 days away plus small fishes which take Mr Aro 5 days to finish it. I guess food rations are well prepared. Well, as per my guess, Mr Aro alive!



Now Mr Aro has grown big 4 inch in size. I never stop looking at it everyday. Its hard though to take a picture of Mr Aro especially in water and the condition of the light was not that bright. A tips, use the highest ISO so that you can set at fast shutter to stop the fish and get a very sharp picture of it.


Look how beautiful Mr Aro… you may see that a lot of noise in the picture. Well, that’s because of the high ISO setting. Mr Aro have 8 friends in the aquarium. So, this is my aquarium that I talk a lot about just now. I think I have spend a lot for this new pet house to be here. I am happy for it and its well served the purpose, to reduce my tense from work, friends and my Cooperation that I have involved in. Perhaps like my fish doing, I should swim away  and leave the world of tense. Be a coward or something.

Upss… sorry I should say thank you for reading. THE END.










Monday, 8 October 2012

Nami Island @ Nami Seom Trip

One place that everybody talk about is Nami Island. To be honest, I just notice about this place when my wife told me about it. Anyway, I have made it to Nami Island.
DSC_0666 DSC_0667 DSC_0670 DSC_0673 DSC_0675 DSC_0676 DSC_0679 
If you come to Korea, you need to be smart when using their public's transport. Especially the train, and subway. Oh you -Malaysian no need to worry how to ask them where about to stop etc. Just use the map. All tourist focus area, the taxi driver can talk little ENGLISH. When I mean little, yeah until you cannot understand it. Smile Pretty sure you can scratch your head to understand them. What I will do usually, I print out the name in Korean. EASY when you study your destination.
Anyhow, if you using the train or subway, they have all station name written in English. No worries.. I still remember the music sound when the train arrived... sounds like marching song in certain line. Hehe.. Kamsa Hamnida..
DSC_0684 DSC_0689 DSC_0694 DSC_0695 
From Seoul to Nami Island takes about 2 hours. YEAH… 2 hours.. actually from Ehwa Women University... for me and wife, we need to transfer to 3 types of lines to get to Gapyeong. Gapyeong is the nearest station to the ferry port to Nami Seom. Don’t worry, It’Won’t take more than 5 minutes to arrive to the ferry port. It cost us KWN3000 one trip by taxi to the port. But during our time to go there, the taxi driver took us to a very long winding road which cost us KWN5200. For me, no need to fight because, not worth it.
DSC_0696 DSC_0697
During the weekend, this place is packed with people around the world. To be honest I saw a lot of Malaysian too... Well, we Malaysian rarely talk to each other when we are abroad. I wonder why. We met a group of girls from Malaysia that day and my wife of course sharing info with them. And there I was so shy to talk a lot... hahaha
 DSC_0699 This is how the long queue going to be when you wait for the taxi to Nami port. They (TAXI) keep coming and coming... and you know what, I just love their taxi. We manage to take New Hyundai Optima to Nami and K5 when we going back to the station.
 DSC_0704 What can I say, it’s a nice car. However it is not a luxury car in Korea. Hehehe... but they proud of their home made cars. I am telling you, those Japanese and Chinese Car never found during my visit. All Hyundai, Kia... and they have Hyundai Department store. Hahaha... kind like Proton Mall but selling clothes.
What is interesting about Nami Island? I just share the picture with you. Anyhow, You can choose 2 ways to go to the island. One with the Zip wire.. flying like fox to the Nami Island.. which is far enough from the port, or use the ferry like we did. Smile Actually the cost of using the ferry is much-much cheaper than using the cable. That’s why we choose FERRY..
DSC_0707 DSC_0708 
Go about another immigration? No. Its just how they called it. You need to by a ticket, which they called it as passport, and go to immigration jetty show your ticket and Walla.. Nami Island you go.
DSC_0710 DSC_0711 DSC_0714 DSC_0716 DSC_0719 DSC_0720 
It is a great experience that day. Proud seeing my country flag on the ferry. Always do. The view was so amazing, but a little bit pack until I cannot took proper picture on the ferry during the ride.
DSC_0721 This girl was my first interest. Its not about sex or anything but a unique statue of this naked lady openly display for adults like me. Hehehe. DSC_0723 DSC_0724  DSC_0726 DSC_0725
\Here we are at as we arrived at the Nami Island. Tired journey, and the mood was not at the right position, but we try to create the mood. Indonesian language also was heard that day at the Nami Seom. Chinese language plus kids running around. Lovers all over this place.
DSC_0728 DSC_0729 
Amazingly the pine trees was nicely planted on this island. It is a very good place for photographer like me to find a really good shot. Again the mood was not so good but I guess, a photo to remember my vacation with my wife is just rather more that enough.
DSC_0730 DSC_0731 DSC_0732 DSC_0733 DSC_0734 DSC_0735 DSC_0739 DSC_0740 
There was a craft selling area that day. Not so many shop but good enough to see their way of making craft. Some even giving visitor opportunity to design their own craft. Well, not for me Smile with tongue out.
DSC_0743 DSC_0749 DSC_0755 
As I walk around the Nami Seom, I found this nice sculpture of ducks. I believe, this is my best skills after all when I was not in my mood. Hehehe..
  DSC_0758 DSC_0764 DSC_0767 
Many parents brought their children here in to take picture, other like me enjoying the scenery, looking at the duck, and also enjoy the garden landscape.
DSC_0770 At a point, I saw some artist taking fees to draw the visitor portrait. Very fast and very skillful. Just near to this artist place there was a tower made by books.
 DSC_0774 DSC_0776 
Now its time for the scenery in Nami Island... watch us here:-

DSC_0778 DSC_0779 DSC_0780 
Pretty much this place is amazing for us to visit. For those who want to have a rest, peace of mind, this is the place. Having lunch at the nice cool garden with wife and kids, Talking with your partner, and lots more. Such a nice island.
DSC_0787 DSC_0788  DSC_0795 DSC_0796 DSC_0800 DSC_0801
You can rent a bike and go around this island and save your energy. Its quite big for a walk. Smile.
Just about we headed home, This cultural show was about to start. Both of us were tired, and we decide not to stay longer as my watch already show 4.15pm. So, we hurried to the port to fetch a ferry to go home. But what attracted me is our Malaysian flag was found in this island. I am proud to be a Malaysian Smile
On our way out at the main land, there are so many people queuing to go to the island. perhaps, they want to see sunset that day. But for me and wife, its time to say goodbye to the island.
We stop for a while and thinking how to find a taxi. Hehe, funny and wondering. I told my wife, relax, lets have this grill corn. To be honest don’t try it because it taste different. Hm.. but if you want to.. go ahead. Smile with tongue out 
So, that’s it. We take a walk further front and saw many people waiting for the taxi and this is where, we met our Malaysian girls and we manage to chat with them. And today, its happy ever after. See you guys on my next post. Bye.

Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
The Crew!!! Thanks guys!

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