Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunset and beach

It was a short holiday planned which was never plan actually. Wife and I run thru internet find a hotel to go about for only 2 days. Kind a not in every fine mood but still want to spend something for our mind and body. So, we decided to go to Kuala Selangor which is about half and hour from our home and staying in De Palma Resort. Never mind about the hotel because I would like to share my view point of sunset and the beach. Arts way.


As a amateur photographer, one of the beautiful god created was the sunset view at the beach. I bring my wife to a place called JERAM in Kuala Selangor where its famous seafood cuisine restaurant situated. Again, this post is not about the food, well if you love seafood, find yourself a way to JERAM, Kuala Selangor. Eat while you can.

Magnificent things about sunset, its really hard for you to capture better image if you use auto focus. My advice, focus at a point and do manual focus to get a great view of sunset. My NIKON D60 might be old fashion, but enough for me to brush up my rotten skills. Some might love to have glittering water surface on their picture. That also can add beauty of your photography skills.    

DSC_0045 copy.jpgAdjust

Photo shooting also can be taken into different view. The arts of having an object to you landscape picture can bring life to the image. A little touch up of the picture may improve your image and objective. What I love about the above picture was the sky color and how this beach look like when it has no sea water on it. The texture of the sand add up the beauty of the God creation.

Sometimes, a place to go if you want to play with your camera may be just behind your house (Smile). Oh, this place is about 19km from our hotel actually. If you want to have romantic sunset dinner, just drop by to this place Aroma if I am not mistaken. Come early to book yourself a hut with table for you to enjoy the seafood and the scenery.

DSC_0046 copy.jpgAdjust

This is the restaurant that I mentioned earlier. It always full of during the holiday and weekend. Some of them might spend long day just to view the sunset, some of them just flirting around, some of them just like to chat near the beach. But, it still beautiful. I bet you would love to come to this restaurant again later because I have been here more that 5 times. LOL

DSC_0052 copy.jpgAdjust

Its Awesome to have a beautiful image on your camera. Its awesome to learn how to capture an amazing pictures. Its awesome to have your own DSLR to learn more about arts of photography. I really thank God and amazed by the creation God made for us. Is all about how we can appreciate and learn to understand the nature and beauty that we should take care off. Please learn to appreciate by teaching our new generation to take care of these beaches. Stop them from producing more rubbish. To be honest, this beach was not as beautiful as its look because I found lot of rubbish here and there. Lets take care of our world!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sun meet the Moon

Hi guys! Happy 2013!!!

It has been a while since my last posting. Well with all my tight work schedule has limits the opportunity for me to find a time for my photography hobby. Anyway, this time I would like to share something about Sun and Moon.


How many of us really spend time at nite or during the day looking at these two planet, the Sun and Moon? I am sure some of us could not remember the last time looking at it.

For a photographer, especially those professional, these 2 planets has it own beauty. I start with the Moon. The beauty that I can see on the moon is the surface itself. It gave more than a light to us. You see, if you have limited source of lenses, you might have a picture I have taken above. Imagine if you have a better distance lenses, you can see the texture in details. Usually for basic lenses like what I have, the ISO plays major role. Because the faster shutter you can get, the better the moon shape can be captured.

Another equipment required is the tripod, and also a timer setting for your camera. Without these, its, hard to get sharp pictures.


Unlike Moon, The Sun expose the light too much. Therefore, camera exposure should be reduce. At this stage, ISO should be set at 100 or 200. Play your Aperture to ensure you can capture the image properly. Flair can add the beauty to your picture.


I believe, professional photographer can make this picture look better. As for me, the above picture met my objective. I just want the sun create flair to my photo. You should know what you want from you photography skills. Sometimes, the new comers just snap any picture to add to their collections. Does they know what is the objective? Hehe… writing like I know mine. Anyway, if the mood is not there, I might do the same things. Well, my advise, avoid taking picture if you have zero mood.


Why not you guys try capture all shape of the Moon? Perhaps it will add skill and collections of yours. I think, it is something interesting to do. Ok then, I guess this is the only picture I would like to share. Soon, when I have story to tell, will write back again! Adios…

Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
The Crew!!! Thanks guys!

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