Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Salam Syawal

Salam Syawal semua,

Kini saya akan cuba spend time untuk menulis dan berkongsi gambar untuk tatapan semua. Saya rasa inilah masa untuk saya spare sikit tentang kegilaan bergambar… hahaha…


Raya tahun ini banyak masa dihabiskan di Pekan. Johor 2 hari selebihnya di rumah family saya di Sepang. Tak banyak boleh diperkatakan cuma kali ini banyak melibatkan gambar portrait. Seperti biasa, bila dalam keadaan riuh-riuh ini, teknik sudah tidak berguna lagi… lebih-lebih lagi orang ketiga yang tidak mahu berenggang ni… so, mana yang sempat aje lah. Keinginan itu ada, cuba bila dah ada baby ni… kamera pun hanya jadi hiasan dan bebanan di bahu… hehehe….


Saya telah banyak mencuba mengambil gambar tanpa menggunakan flash, namun bila adanya anak-anak kecil ini, flash dan speed memainkan peranan penting supaya tidak blur gambar yang di ambil. Of course through out the ocassion, gambar anak dan mama dia aje jadi pin point… yang lain tu dah macam tak penting dah sangat… tapi oleh kerana anak ni… nampak aje abah dia pegang camera, terus nak dukung nak pegang jugak… hehehe nak buat camne… ikutkan saja….


Sempat juga kengkawan lama datang umah selepas Raya, and of course, flash dan speed amat penting… huhuhuh… ISO dah tinggi pun masih kena pakai flash…







Oleh kerana tak dapat nak ambil gambar kami bertiga waktu raya tempohari, kini, dipakaikan semula tema orange untuk kami framekan tak lama lagi. telah pun di edit dan akan di hantar untuk printing dan diletakkan di wall of memories of us…


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Boy

It has been a long time leaving my blog without update. Today, I would like to share my beloved boy picture who is not age 5 months and 23days. This picture was taken during our first holiday with him.


He was born on 2nd February 2013. We agreed to give him a beautiful name Zaim Hazran Hafez. Our boy is very intelligent and smart. This is our happiness now and we are so happy to have him around.

We thought him how to swim, well end up, he’s getting skin rashes. Hehehe and funny though, he likes water very much. Today one more development came across as he start to crawling faster than ever. Boy really... he is very fast... in 6 months I think you know better about his growing up development.

DSC_0196 DSC_0197 


They become my happiness right now. Planning to take them for another holiday. Maybe after Hari Raya. 2 weeks more to Puasa... then Hari Raya. This Raya will be different because we need to add some more budget for our boy here, but nothing else matter.

DSC_0203 DSC_0221

I will work hard for them  and make them happy everyday of their life. And I am happy too.


Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Rhino

Salam and hi everyone!

Just wanna share my Rhino. Last weekend, my wife and I spend time driving with our new Rhino (Our Triton name). Fun drive to Kuala Gandah. Not much to share about this Elephant Park. Advisable to go at 2pm… Got some elephant show on Saturday.

DSC_0014 copy

Best part about driving Rhino is its toughness and efficiency driving. Fuel saving too for 4x4 in its class. After an hour, we drive to Deer Land. A private place where they kept deer and other animals. Will share with you guys later on.

DSC_0065 copy

End of the day, I drive to Temerloh to pick up some stuff for our business. Convenient car for a business purposes. Well, this Rhino still new, soon I will upgrade some of its features. Hehehe… till then, bye.

Friday, 1 March 2013

its not TOO late introducing {Velo Belleza}

salam semua…. nak share another online buss yg baru launch…its an online shop for shawl, hijab n tudung…well ianya permulaan yg baru di tahun baru ni even dah 3 bln skrg dlm thn 2013 ni..tp rasanya x terlambat utk venture in any bussiness slagi kita ada semangat, keyakinan n usaha + tawakkal….actually VB dah di launch since last monday wif good opening PROMO…so bleh visit here for more info:




My studio photoshoot

Hey guys!

I would like to share my studio pictures which was taken on 23rd February 2013. Enjoy my skills!!




Happiness comes from true heart!

My model: Nur Aainaa Athirah

Camera: Nikon D60

Photographer: Crazyphoto

Location: Ampang Jaya – Home studio

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Studio Photoshoot


Salam and howdy to all!! I just finished with my studio photo shoot yesterday with some hardworking team. It was a Velo Belleza Collections products photoshoot with a model hired to show the beauty of hijab for muslimah all around the world. I was facinated with this job just to make something different. Excited to have my first portraits picture in a studio which I created myself.

DSC_0197 copy

I think the important things to shoot in studio is lighting. I use 3 florescent bulbs to highlight the model. Problem with un proper light is it will create shadows to your model. Reducing the shadow is the challenge in my work here. Make up can be added advantages to give color the model’s face.

I like to share with you the arts of extracting the picture from plan white to a nice beautiful background. Most important things is to ensure the right background for you to add to your image/ model.

When I first look up on the net, I found this beautiful back ground. Simple, blurred as I want it to be seen as blurred back ground and colorful. To make it real, make sure, the background image is not too sharp to make it look real. I would like to apologize to the owner of the background for using his image to suit to my post today. I just want have an example for me to show my audience.


Now the image is ready! Simple! I would like to thanks all the crew yesterday who join helping me with my photo shoot. It was an a great pleasure having all of you in my studio photo shoot. Now, I have a beautiful photo to share and my skills added. So, wait till my next photo shoot.

Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
The Crew!!! Thanks guys!

You and Me