Sunday, 30 September 2012

Night at Namsan Tower, South Korea

Hello everybody,

This month I start with Namsan Tower, Seoul Korea. Before I went there, I have studied the direction how to get there. There reason being is because, Korean people hardly to speak ENGLISH. No offence to my Korean reader but its true. If you plan to go to Korea, this is the first important things that need your attention. Don’t let yourself blur when your arrived. Its all in KOREAN!!


I was excited to see myself the Namsan Tower which always being a symbol for Seoul city. Some king like KL Tower of course in my beloved country MALAYSIA. I was impressed with the laser show that night. It looks amazing with the animation and so forth. All the visitor that night caught their eyes at the Namsan Tower. Like KL Tower, the fees for tourist like me, will be so expensive. 9,000Kwon almost RM27.00 per head man! Well the view from below also is amazing if you have budget in your pocket.

DSC_0605   DSC_0606  DSC_0608   DSC_0619

You will be amazed when you reached here. It’s like a place where family hang out, where couple share their loves, husband and wife sitting and talking, even old folk rest and chat with their peers. I can say, it’s a love story place for all visitor including me. The temperature that night was 18’C, but still ok for us to go out and have fun.

DSC_0618  DSC_0621

At Namsan Tower, do not forget to bring your pad lock especially for those who is in love. Lock your heart there with your partner. Romantic ha? Hehehe.. you see, it’s just a way for lovers to show their sincerity.


We did it too. That’s our pad lock. We placed it on the middle tree not to high just about our high facing to the Seoul city. One day when we come back, this is the first place I would come back to see where it’s still there or not. Lovely isn’t it?


 DSC_0626 DSC_0628 

So much nice view you may see from up here. I don’t have to worry about sweating because, though I have to walk far from one place to another, but the the chill weather keep my sweat away. Smile All the excitement may swept away the sweat, the tiredness and so forth..

DSC_0631 DSC_0632 

If you wish to relax and save time for your love one, this can be the perfect place. Or perhaps you would like to improve your photo taking skills especially those with DSLR, come here, and lots of amazing skills that you might practice here for example the slow shutter speed, lighting, and other.


When you play with your shutter speed, at night, you need to increase the ISO. Slow the shutter speed so that the amount of light is enough to capture the image that you want. In my case, I used myself as an object. Well those shaded image is not ghost my friend, it’s the slow shutter effect. See? Fun!




 DSC_0653 DSC_0660 

Everybody should know! There is a free shuttle bus from Myeongdong to Namsan Tower. Do not waste your money on the cab. Of course you need to wait a while. Just stop at Myeongdong Station take exit 3 and walk to a 7 eleven shop, just before the Pacific Hotel, wait there and the shuttle bus will wait you there. FYI, there is only one operated shuttle bus here. So, you may need to wait a little while but worth it.


So, find this bus and you will get to the cable car… as easy as 1,2,3… So, utilized this free ride my fren! Enjoy your day in Korea!!



Sunday, 23 September 2012

Korea full of memories

Hello guys,

This time around I would love to share some memorial places I went during my holiday in Seoul, Korea. If you visit other countries without proper planning, you might have less places to visit. However, if you can be creative and quick thinking, without plan you can go to various places without problem.


My wife and I arrived in Incheon International Airports early in the morning. I have few plans in hands for this long vacation days. My thought was going for the scenery places, historical building visit and other sightseeing. As most of us know, when there is a women beside you, most of their interest is to go for SHOPPING. I mean not all, but if course the objective is heavy towards the “S” word.


It was a wet day, when we arrived. So my wife and I bought 2 umbrella to cover our head from wet. Well unlike in Malaysia, the rain is not that heavy, but if you stay in the middle of it, for sure you’ll get wet… dergh!


Our first location was at the Dongdaemun where all the shopping bazar was located. However, there was a stadium there few years back here at Dongdaemun. They have change the place to a museum and also a historical park where they found a Japanese colonial office at this site. Look at the first picture.


After one tiring night, the next day we went to Gwanghwamun where the Geongbukgung Palace is located. Interesting is this place is very near to the City Hall, Namdaemun, and Myeongdong. You can just walk to reach at all these places. However, if you are not fit enough, I would advise you to catch the train or just take a taxi. Due to the cool weather, My wife and I decided to walk and find other interesting places around this area. Below is the rest of the pictures of various interesting places that we came across during this visit.


Above is their greatest king statue…


Here I am trying to make an illusion picture of my wife touching the small size gate of Gyeongbukgung.


Here we are infront of this beautiful gate.

DSC_0471 DSC_0481 

This is the inside view of the king and his officer have a meeting…


One of the beautiful view inside this palace.


Who is this model??? Ah.. its me… hehehe


Visiting one of the Korean traditional home is one new experience. Nice… we are thinking of adopting the concept to our new build home…



Interesting about Korea, they have a lot of gates…




See the great warrior in this picture??? Hehehe… not me… the one that has become statue… hahaha


One that can never be missed is Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower… whatever people call it where one tower was build.


You should never missed Nami Island. The famous Korean drama Sonata was shot here. Ahhh so romantic… blup blup…


Thursday, 20 September 2012



The best about life is when we can see a lot of crowds. Sometimes its annoying but sometimes it’s a perfect view of life. During my visit to Korea last week, I manage to get some crowds picture for all of you to see… This is all about crowds.

DSC_0414 DSC_0415 





DSC_0574 DSC_0580 DSC_0670DSC_0812 DSC_0858 DSC_0863






Wait for more picture of Natures and historical building that I will share soon. Smile

Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
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