Friday, 27 June 2014

Thistle Best Holiday!

Just wanted to share the tima we had at Thistle Hotel.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Canvas Photo

Hai everybody,

Minggu ni saya nak sharekan satu lagi kreativiti baru yang saya ceburi iaitu canvas photo. Seperti yang sedia maklum, saya sangat suka mengambil gambar. Berpuluh ribu dah gambar yang saya ambil. Namun tidak terlintas di kepala, apa yang boleh saya lakukan dengan gambar-gambar ini.

Jadi, setelah berfikir panjang, saya terfikir untuk membuat satu canvas photo. Pertamanya untuk anak sulong saya Zaim Hazran. Wow... size pun gah... nak buat pun bukan main susah... namun akhirnya, siaplah 2 canvas besar wajah anak lelaki saya.

Aktiviti saya mengkanvaskan gambar gambar yang saya ambil semakin menjadi jadi kebelakangan ini. Maka, saksikan hasil seni saya yang saya telah canvaskan.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Me and Golf

Now I am in love with golf. Still super beginner in this sport and I was lucky because I have friends to give me a lesson about this sport. Enjoy my picture during my golf day!

Monday, 16 June 2014


It was a very nice evening, when we decide to drive to see KLIA2 ourselves. Full of puzzle before we arrive, due to all itchy bitchy story from the media FB etc. And so, we checking it up!

From far we are amazed with the new structure of KLIA2. The condition just like KLIA when it first operated. But well, I am pretty sure its going to be a busy skyhub one day. Looking at the tower it was huge and tall. Its easy to understand the route directions. The parking space was fantastic and currently easy to park. RM45 a day for an Airport was reasonable price. Although i was unsure with the security issue.

Entering the KLIA2 is like entering a Mall... an expensive one! You can walk around the area from low level to the top and to the terminal. Other interesting things to do is to watch the park air plane from the corridor outside the terminal. You can find a lot of restaurants in the building. From known restaurant to unknown restaurant (maybe I am not updated to these restaurants) you can find in the building. 

For those who love shopping and have a lot of cards money, you can enter all the store in KLIA2. Price? Don't ask me. I am not interested in shopping. My point of view is on blogging  on photography matters and places I have been to. I remember when I was in Croydon, UK. The Mall there was cool, nice and clean like KLIA2. Well that was back then in 1992 though.

End of our tour is at Pizza Hut where we have our dinner. It is Great idea to have this kind of airport terminal concept. You can eat, drink and shopping while waiting for your flight. Proper organized and full of facilities. You can even find your cabs@taxis and busses in the terminal itself. You will not gonna be sweat at all because the terminal complete with air conditioner of course. Your also can get there through ERL which I am not sure how much is the fee.

As a conclusion, I cannot wait for my son to grow older so that I can travel using this hub facilities with my wife and him one day next year. For those who is still in doubt about KLIA2 I would suggest you to pay a visit. It is worth paying RM12 parking fees for 4 hours for me as this is the first airport in Malaysia that can shop and fly. Adios guys!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A day out

Semalam, Sabtu, pergi uruskan hal hal perniagaan. Setelah selesai, kami singgah makan di Restoran Santai, Tesco Rawang. Dah lama sebenarnya tak makan luar. So kali ini hendak bersantai sikit lah di restoran 3 beranak. 
Zaim sekarang growing fast. Petah bercakap walaupun sepatah hareeem pun kami tak faham. Tapi seronok bila dia faham dengan instruction kami. Sekarang ni Zaim agak terlebih rajin membantu kami. Bila kita menyapu, dia pun ikut menyapu. Bila kita angkat kerusi dia pun sibuk mengangkat kerusi. Kekadang penat bukan sebab apa... sebab nak layan Zaim yang sibuk nak menolong...
Sekarang, Zaim pun dah mula pandai posing. Problemnya bakal player Liverpool sorang ni tak suka sikat rambut. Perkara paling rumit kalau nak siapkan Zaim adalah menyikat rambut. Only God knows...
Oh... lupa... restoran Santai ini banyak menyediakan makanan panas. Boleh tahan la masakkannya. Harga pun boleh tahan juga. Mungkin sebab condition restoran. Nescafe dia agak pekat... sampai saya rasa macam air rokok... ke memang air rokok? Hahaha... overall, oklah restoran ni sebab dalam tesco ni pun tak banyak choice.

Oklah... jumpa lagi...

My ZH Garden

It was designed and inspired by me, while my contractor build it up for me. Yes ZH Garden was dedicated for my loves one My Wife and My Son.

I always dream to have a simple nice garden with a small pond and fishes in it. This type of garden may treat your mind and help you to comfort your brain. So sort like having holiday in a jungle and waterfall just nearby your window.

Anyway, I just want to share my garden with all of you out there. It has been too long since my my last post. Hope I have more time again to blog. See ya!

Photo shoot Feb 2013

Photo shoot Feb 2013
The Crew!!! Thanks guys!

You and Me